Bathtub Refinishing Cambridge, MA

Bathtub Refinishing Guide Cambridge MA: Everything You Need to Know

If you have an aged bathtub and you’re looking at choices to repair it, you must have come across the word “refinishing”-also known as reglazing or resurfacing. This is a process that restores a rusty bathtub or even an old bathroom floor. There are two choices, such as removing the tub, which can be costly or refinishing, which is comparatively much cheaper. If the second one is what you are digging for, you really need the best bathtub refinishing services Cambridge MA to make your bathtub look brand new.

With that being said if you’ve been looking to overcome this problem, here’s a step-by-step guide that shows you what you need to know to take on this journey of getting a brand new bathtub without ever needing to replace it whatsoever. 


So, before we delve into specifics, let’s have a look at fundamentals so that you know what you are dealing with right here. 

What is Bathtub Refinishing?

As mentioned earlier, bathtub refinishing is also referred to as regulation or resurfacing. Unlike coating fingernails with nail polish, this is a cosmetic repair that is added to bathtubs that are relatively in a good state. This means this method is a decent choice for you if your new bathtub is still in fairly likable condition but is covered in small stains, scratches, or other surface defects. This is also suitable for other forms of bathtubs, for instance, it’s absolutely the way to go for homeowners with antique claw-foot tubs made of heavy cast iron.


The bathtub refinishing process starts with a thorough cleaning of the tub surface using specifically designed two-step cleaners to extract soap particles, mineral residues, and body oils. Next, all cracks, holes, and gaps are patched. The products used to change the bathtubs contain a bonding agent that is used to maintain a stable bond between the old surface and the new coating. Finally, a qualified expert uses a fine-finish spraying process to add a fancy, long-lasting acrylic coating.

The final result of bathtub refinishing is the surface of the bathtub that appears dirty, has strong refraction and a soft glow. This fine finish with an extra buff and polish cycle will keep the coating silky smooth and the look of the authentic porcelain.


It’s interesting to note, what distinguishes a successful work from a not-so-good job isn’t how it feels, it’s the practice and training that makes all the difference. 


But it’s not all a matter of appearance. A comprehensive planning and cleaning procedure may avoid significant headaches down the line. But if the job isn’t finished right, it coating starts to peel – so, yes, it’s not that simple as it sounds!

Leave this Tedious Job to the Professionals

Relaxing in a bubble bath is a great way to relax after a long day. When your bathtub is drabby or deteriorating, taking a bath could be the last thing you’d ever want to consider. If you’re about to replace the existing tub, it may be prudent to start improving what you already have.


But before we proceed, keep this in mind, the refinishing of an existing bathtub is not everyone’s a cup. Hence, it’s better left to the experts.


When it comes to bathtub replacing, the existing tub is often cut into pieces to fit through the door to the bathroom. There may also be flooring, trims, surrounds, and plumbing that needs to be scrapped and replaced. Although the new tub can cost as little as $200, labor expenses for the repair phase will potentially add $1,000, and based on the company or region you are in, you never know what other hidden costs you may have to pay.                           


Instead, many homeowners prefer to refinish their current bathtub, which typically costs $300-$1,000 based on the area and company. If the bathtub is dingy and stained, or even if it has any significant stains and scratches, a qualified expert is likely to patch and re-coat the surface for a fresh look. Cast iron, steel, and fiberglass bathtubs and shower stalls may all be re-coated to suit the original finish or to whole new color.


With bathtub refinishing, there is no demolition or pipework that is required; however, there is typically some use of strong chemicals that are used to strip the bathtub. Chemicals create certain toxic gases that trigger a mess, which is why they must be handled by a professional who understands how to treat them.


Why you may ask? Using this method, which includes spraying a fresh topcoat onto your original tub and/or tile, is considerably cheaper, easier, safer, and less time-consuming than simply installing a tub. In fact, replacing a tub and adding a new bath will cost thousands, and if you’re in an apartment, you may also need to have your downstairs neighbor interested because it might have an effect on plumbing outside your own apartment. 


People who are skilled with the resurfacing of the bath know how to do any ventilation work that may be required and have the right equipment for drying paint and chemicals fast. In order for you to get a long-lasting refinished coating, make sure that the planning is right. A decent refinishing specialist bathtub should invest enough time cleaning the surface of the bathtub as he or she has expertise in the work.


The poisonous fumes released during the process not only render your apartment smell terrible, but they’re also harmful if not adequately handled. While refinishing kits are available, it is not advisable to try DIY.


Trained professionals must have all the requisite safety gear, including covers and masks with HEPA air filters. They must also ensure proper ventilation throughout the task, if necessary by installing powerful fans with duct extensions to remove dangerous vapors outdoors.


The Professionals use compact exhaust gases and HVLP or high-volume, low-pressure sprayers that generate fewer overspray. However If you’re still concerned, you can always leave your house for the sake of this process and return once everything is over. 


In addition to that, the great benefit of professionally refinishing the bathtub is that you won’t have to do any of the tiring and complicated work. You won’t have to do with plumbing fixtures, cement boards, or other broken bathroom floor tiles or wall materials that can possibly happen during the process. Everything is going to remain in place. You can also finish your bathtub with any color you choose. You don’t need to keep white unless that’s your choice.


How to Hire The Right Professional For Tub Refinishing

Choosing a professional bathtub refinishing company can be daunting. There are often numerous choices in your area. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Low-quality materials or craftsmanship can lead to flaws or peeling in very little as 3 weeks. This also extends to experienced kitchen countertop processing firms. Not every company that wants to control bathtubs is trained, certified, or skilled to do the job properly. So where are you supposed to be? Simple, do not hire a professional that is not specialized in a particular area of refinishing bathtubs.


Your perfect bathtub refinishing business will describe the procedure to you in-depth. The refinishing process starts with a comprehensive cleaning of the bathtub. The porcelain bathtub should be washed using a commercial-grade acidic cleaner. This is not anything that can be found in supermarkets, so never seek to do it without the aid of a professional bathtub refinishing service.


When the bathtub is cleaned, any marks or scratches are then filled in and flattened out. Finally, an acrylic-based topcoat is added to the bathtub by the processing experts. The effect is a bathtub that looks relatively fresh, which costs even less than the buying of a completely new bathtub itself would cost.


Now, since it’s clear what you want to expect from your refinishing professionals, below are some of the points that will help you make the right choices when finding a bath refinishing company:

Check for References or See the Tub Repair Projects Portfolio


You want your contractor to have the ability set you need to turn your tired and washed out tub into one that looks modern and elegant. Yet if you employ the wrong individual for a task, your bathtub can end up looking poorer than it did before.


To help you narrow down who’s qualified to do the job, you ought to ask into the qualifications and the background of their jobs. Reputable and professional contractors are not ashamed to give you their already done work, so they should have a lengthy list of customers willing to attest to their abilities.


When you don’t like what you see in the portfolio or if you get a negative feeling about the company, you don’t have to deal with that company so you can continue your search for more professionals. Make sure to trust your instincts and don’t just pick the first cheap quote you find online.


Ensure They Use Commercial Equipment and Industrial Grade Products


Equipment and products/chemicals play a significant role when it comes to getting the perfect, long-lasting bathtub reglazing. When you are on the hunt for a hiring professional, briefly ask the type of commercial equipment and industrial-grade products they use to carry out the procedure. If you are not satisfied with what they use, then there is no point in getting your bathtub reglazed with poor-quality chemicals that would not even last for a few months.


Get a Written Estimate for Bathtub & Tile Reglazing Services in Cambridge MA


As a final measure, make sure that you get a written estimate from the company you are contemplating hiring for a position. Without this written estimate, the organization will not retain all of the costs you and the contractor originally agreed to.


Getting an estimation in hand will do a variety of items. Besides that, you should compare it to the other tub refinishing in Cambridge MA, and you must be willing to hold the company to the quote you got. It would aim to remove unwanted costs or hidden fees, as well. Note, it’s not necessarily a smart choice to pick the first company you see or the cheapest. Although your target is likely to be low-cost tub refinishing services, you don’t want to have to pay again for the job because it was handled badly the first time.


How to Increase Durability of Your Newly Resurfaced Bathtub

When the coating has been adequately cleaned, you should anticipate the tubing and/or tile to be good for more than 10 years, because the more you take care of it, the more it lasts.


Professional refiners must also have aftercare instructions and insurance or contact details to the end customer. Pay attention to advice on hygiene and maintenance in order to prevent issues with warranties. Experts recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours before accessing the service center. It requires any planning for your end, in the meantime you can use another bathtub instead. Through enabling the glaze to dry, the surface can last for a long time and be less at risk of dust particles or moisture.


Other than that, it is recommended to stay away from chemicals such as bleach or simply a light scrub as people usually tend to scrap out the glaze along with the dirt on the bathtub. For better results or to clean particularly filthy tubs, enable the cleaner to stay on the surface for about 20 minutes. It helps the solvent to break down the dirt and absorb the oils more quickly. Waxing the surface of the drain and other places that are not standing or lying on will even help to maintain the surface clean and increase the longevity of the coating.



As we reach the end of the post, remember that we understand that it can be daunting to fix a single tub, but having assistance from professionals makes this whole process a million times better. So, take some time to find a company that will provide you with a written estimate, good customer service, and prove to you they have a track record of good, quality workmanship